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Supercharge your impact as a sustainability leader.

Join our exclusive community for sustainability leaders at board and senior executive levels!

This is your access to unique opportunities to enhance your career and drive meaningful change, connect with a network of like-minded leaders, and elevate your profile for a greater impact in the world of sustainability governance.

Membership Benefits

Your Personal
Impact Profile

Align your unique sustainability leadership style with proven organizational approaches for implementing sustainable practices.

Find Your Next Mandate

Discover exclusive leadership and advisory projects that align with your expertise, allowing you to make a meaningful impact on organizations' sustainability journeys.

Grow Your Knowledge 

Grow as a sustainability leader by expanding your network, showcasing your achievements, and tapping into

the right leadership courses and coachings to grow your know-how.

Create Your Personal Impact Profile

20 Questions      Data-driven Insights     Shareable Results

  • Self-assessment, based on an innovative framework, focusing on six leadership archetypes

  • Incorporates vital skills and qualities for leaders in sustainable business transformations

  • Insights from organizational psychology and sustainability leadership studies

  • Tested, analyzed and applied to 'role model' leaders in over fifty businesses in over twenty countries


Developed with Beth Knight

Beth Knight, honored as 'Great British Businesswoman of the Year' in 2022, is a leader in social impact and sustainability with roles at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and Save the Children’s board. Her career spans significant positions at Amazon, EY, and Accenture, and she pioneered the UK's Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Apprenticeship standard.

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Our members say...

"I am impressed! The Personal Impact Profile is actually extraordinary and something completely different. I have not yet encountered a profile in this form and with this result, uniqueness is given."

- Senior Sustainability Executive

Our community members work for organizations like these:


Supercharge your impact!

We are here to help you grow as a leader and have a greater impact across the organizations you serve. If you want to explore your opportunities, build your Personal Impact Profile.  

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