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Supercharge your impact as a sustainable leader.

Join our exclusive community designed for sustainability leaders at board and senior executive levels. By becoming a member, you'll gain access to unique opportunities to enhance your non-executive career, focusing on sustainable development.


Connect with a network of like-minded professionals, elevate your profile in the sustainability field, and secure influential roles that contribute to meaningful change. Achieve unparalleled recognition and impact in the world of sustainability governance.

Membership Benefits

Your Personal
Impact Profile

Align your unique sustainability leadership style with proven organizational approaches for implementing sustainable practices.

Find Your Next Mandate

Discover exclusive leadership and advisory projects that align with your expertise, allowing you to make a meaningful impact on organizations' sustainability journeys.

Grow Your Knowledge 

Grow as a sustainability leader by expanding your network, showcasing your achievements, and tapping into

the right leadership courses and coachings to grow your know-how.

Create Your Personal Impact Profile

Our Personal Impact Profile builder, is a pioneering assessment based on our innovative sustainable business framework, representing 6 leadership archetypes, with relevant skills and qualities which are especially crucial for leaders who address sustainable business transformations.

This framework is designed with data-driven insights from an ever-growing body of research on the changing values, beliefs and motivations of the most effective leaders in sustainable business. Insights from organizational psychology and published studies on sustainability leadership have been tested, analyzed and applied to ‘role model’ leaders in over fifty sustainable businesses operating in over twenty countries on every continent (excl. Antarctica!).


Developed by Beth Knight a leading figure at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership.

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Is our membership for you?

NXT Boardroom membership is tailored for sustainability leaders performing at or nearing board level, as executive or non-executive directors, and those who are on a trajectory to become a board member. To qualify for membership, you must possess sustainability expertise, regardless of whether you're a seasoned veteran or a motivated impact-driven professional. A growth mindset is a must as we foster leaders in sustainability. Prospective members must be discerning, pragmatic, knowledgeable about greenwashing, and driven to future-proof their organizations through sustainable innovation.

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We at NXT Boardroom are here to help you grow as a leader and have a greater impact across the organizations you serve. If you want to learn more, build your profile first.  

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